The incidence of thyroid cancer have been widely increased, and The prevalence of type 2

diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is also increasing, The relation between T2DM on thyroid cancer

concerns is not well-established; A case-control study was performed  in Korea

That concluded the effects of T2DM, T2DM duration, and T2DM medication on thyroid cancer.

individuals taking  T2DM medicatio3n had higher odds of thyroid cancer compared to those without T2DM medication

T2DM Duration have no effect on Thyroid Cancer

This study Result are opposite to previous studies showing that T2DM was associated with an increased risk of thyroid cancer in women and the serious risk factor is the medication

their results suggest that early T2DM may have a potential protective effect against thyroid cancer.

Another large prospective cohort study the hypothesis of the association between the diabetes, diabetes treatment  and increased risk of thyroid cancer.

They found no significant associations between thyroid cancer and diabetes

 regardless of type of treatment or duration of diabetes and they found no significant association for papillary thyroid cancer associated with diabetes

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