kill Microscopic organisms in Your Home? change to aquapower shower head

Biofilm in your shower can spread bacteria.

Possibly destructive and harmful organisms, known as mycobacteria, could be living in your showerhead.

Mycobacteria are capable of causing nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) lung infection — and showerheads in particular have been implicated in transmission of the disease. The organisms exist naturally in soil and water, but infection occurs through inhalation.

“The concern about the showerhead is that it does what we call aerosolize, so it makes it in the air. We just breathe in the shower, and you would potentially be breathing in these organisms, and that’s how they would get into the lungs,” said Dr. Barbara Keber, MD, chair of family medicine at Northwell Health’s Glen Cove Hospital in New York.

The pressure and warmth of a showerhead makes it ideal to blast bacteria-containing water particles into the air.

Symptoms of NTM lung infection include chronic or recurring cough, weight loss, fever, and loss of energy.

Beware the biofilms

According to a recent study by the American Society for Microbiology, mycobacteria were abundantly found in a samples of biofilms — the slimy collections of microorganisms — living in showerheads across the United States.

Researchers analyzed biofilms from 656 households across the United States and Europe and found that the type of water and use of chlorine disinfectants affected the types of bacteria prevalent in showerheads.

Aquapower shower head

with the new generation of ionic filtration techniques composed of mineral stones, micro filter and a micropad capable to eliminate bacteria and chlorine from water.

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Also, this rain showerhead can also aid you save water because of its air pressure design to help the pressurize water gets in, so you’ll be able to only use practical amount of water during your shower.

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